Tuesday, January 30

Bumbo Madness: The Potty

Just because she can't sit up by herself or eat solid foods doesn't mean Brooklyn can't learn to use the potty! We've decided to start potty training early...Bumbo Style. And we planned ahead, too. There's just something about this family that just freaks a potty out, requiring some plunging afterwards. Just ask Lafe and Justin. They know.

I know I've been posting these Bumbo Madness photos almost daily since I started, but I'll warn you that I'm running out of "safe" indoor locations. I have some decent ideas for outdoor locations, but it's just too blasted cold outside to do them when I get home from work. So, until this weekend when I can go outside when the sun is up, I may not have many more indoor Bumbo Madness shots this week. (Allison won't let me put Brooklyn in the oven. Besides, I don't think she'd fit in there sitting on the Bumbo)

Bumbo Madness: The Entertainment Center

Tonight, Brooklyn finally got her spot as the (top-left) center of attention and entertainment in our household. We took the picture while Emma was still awake, and she continually asked "Why is Brooklyn up there, Daddy?". We told her that Brooklyn could only be up there when Mommy or Daddy put her up there (as if that will be a common place to store the kiddo when we're vacuuming).

Apparently, Travis & Kate have enjoyed this Bumbo Madness series. So much so, that they've made it into a little contest to see who can put their youngest child in the most dangerous (yet contained) situation. In all honestly, Tavis' post jumped up into my Top 20 Funniest Things Ever Read by Me. He joins some lofty company on that list. So, the battle is on! But since Travis is a Doctor (not a doctor-doctor, a book-ish doctor), I know that I cannot out-wit him. I'll be taking comments on ideas for Bumbo Madness locations/situations. If you have a good one (that won't harm my child), leave a comment, and maybe you'll be honored to have a photo taken with your idea in action! That would look great on a resume...

Also, I have created a folder to collect all Bumbo Madness photos here. Just for reiterated documentation.

Sunday, January 28

Bumbo Madness: The Refrigerator

Next up in the series of Bumbo Madness, we find little Brooklyn chilling (no pun intended) on top of the refrigerator!

We brainstormed with the Hale's on different places to shoot Bumbo Madness and have come up with some really great ideas that we'll hopefully implement. If I were better at Photoshop layers, I could have a REALLY good time superimposing the Brooklyn-filled Bumbo in some ludicrous places. Alas, we'll have to stick to reality and continue to put our child in dangerous places for the sake of a good laugh and picture.

Friday, January 26

Bumbo Madness: The Beginning

When Brooklyn was born, we received a Bumbo. For those that don't know what a Bumbo is, it's a little chair designed for babies who can't sit up fully on their own. They're very handy, as they can sit just about anywhere, and keeps the kids from laying on their backs all the time. It also helps them strengthen their muscles so as to sit better sooner. Anyway, we started putting Brooklyn in our Bumbo this week, and it's really funny. I guess it's just strange to see her sitting up, and sometimes at eye level. She seems to like it, too.

I have decided to start a new series of picture blogs dedicated to the Bumbo. I will call it "Bumbo Madness". Each post will show Brooklyn in the Bumbo in some random spot. Tonight's inaugural Bumbo Madness shows Brooklyn chilling on the dinner table. She sat with us as we ate. The next post may be her sitting on top of the refrigerator...we'll see if Allison will let me endanger Brooklyn's life for a funny picture.

Saturday, January 20

I'm a Rebel

I have finally moved into the world of digital SLR photography! I just bought a Canon Digital Rebel XTi, along with some accessories, and have been playing around with it all weekend!

Of course, I know close to nothing about how to operate a DSLR, but that will come. So if I know you're into photography, you can pretty much expect me to call you and come hang out to learn and experiment (that means Miller, Brett, Murray, and Spencer). I'll be calling each of you soon...

Here are some preliminary pictures I've taken so far. Since I'm indoors and it's pretty crappy outside, the lighting isn't what I'd like it to be, but it's fair enough. More pics to come in the future!

Saturday, January 13

Picture Updates

Brooklyn has recently discovered her hands. For the most part, she now holds a position similar to a boxer protecting his face: fists at eye level and all clinched up. It's pretty funny. As seen here, her second favorite hand activity is flipping the bird. By the way, this is not a posed picture...this is what she does...Of course, I couldn't be prouder! I believe the finger isn't given enough nowadays. As Dane Cook says, the regular finger doesn't have enough meaning / pizazz anymore, so he has created the super finger. I'll be working with Brooklyn to ensure she learns the SU-FI correctly.

In more girly news, I went in to wake Emma up from a nap the other day. This is what I found...Emma curled up at the end of her bed covered with stuffed animals, wearing one of her princess dresses. It was pretty sweet, so I had to take a picture. She looked pretty darn comfortable, too...I miss the days of curling up in a big pile of stuffed animals and taking naps. It's great to be a kid.

Friday, January 12

Why Me?

First week at the new job. It's going great.

Until now.

First of all, I despise using the bathroom at the office, especially here since it's a 1-seater shared by all employees (male & female). It's right next to the break area and community printer. Enough said about that.

So I go to use the restroom before a meeting...a long visit to the bathroom. I go to flush and...nothing happens. Zilch. No flush. Not like a "it's stopped up and can't flush"...but a "I pulled the handle and the thing is dead".

I asked a guy who we called when stuff broke...he's calling the people now. I had to put an "Out of Order" sticky note on the door.

Why me??

Sunday, January 7

Great New Blog!

I just discovered a new blog recently that I feel will help me and the family's life. It's called "All Sides of Life" and deals with Northwest Arkansas specific entertainment, events, and restaurants. The best thing is the kid-oriented focus. For example, the writer recommends a lot of restaurants based on their kid-friendliness, which is great info to have. It seems Allison and I get stuck in a rut of going between McDonald's (play place) and the mall trying to find places to eat that can also entertain a hyperactive 3 year old.

Even if you don't have kids, the blog covers entertainment events in the area. I have already bookmarked it, and recommend reading it for yourself....it could become a great resource.

Saturday, January 6

Out of the Nest!

I have finally leapt from the nest (haha...nest...nestle)! My last day with Nestlé was Thursday. Though it was extremely sad to say goodbye to co-workers and friends, I'm stoked about my new job at Time-Warner. It's a great move to another great company.

Since I had to leave my mini-van at work (company car), Allison came and got me in my new car. She also got a baby sitter, so we went to Bonefish Grill with some co-workers and friends to celebrate my escape...I mean, my transition. I knocked down several of the Bang, Bang Shrimp, and a couple of glasses of Pinot Gris wine. The best part? John Rinaldi (co-worker) picked up the majority of the tab...specifically, he put it on his corporate American Express...so Nestlé bought dinner. Ended up costing each individual about $14, which is crazy cheap for all the food and beverages we got. Thanks Nestlé (John).

Now for a quiet weekend at home with my girls...wait...there's no such thing as quiet at my house anymore. At least it's a weekend at home with my girls. :)

Brooklyn Laughing

Brooklyn is growing up quickly! Here's a short clip of her giggling and smiling at Allison doing some weird dance. It's amazing what you'll do as a parent just to hear your child laugh...

Monday, January 1

2007 Sucks. Thanks Razorbacks.

Screw the black-eyed pea-eating for good luck in the new year. Looks like our QBs forgot to eat their Wheaties this morning. Lethargic and pathetic. Way to suck, quarterbacks. At least the rest of our team looked good. Josh said it best: "Bench Mustain & Dick the rest of the game and play McFadden at QB...he's a better QB then anyone else we have in that position."

Now that my rant is over, I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe New Year's! We went to Shogun with Brett & Jayme Walker and Micah & Amy McFadden. The kiddos went, too. We thought Connor (McFadden), Molly (Walker) and Emma would really enjoy the show. Boy were we WRONG! As we were leaving, Emma just kept saying "This a scarrrry place". The fire petrified Emma. I felt bad for our cook. He kept asking the kids if they wanted to see more, and they all shouted NO!

Then we headed over to Brett & Jayme's house for dessert and chill time. The kids played, the guys talked golf and beer, and the girls talked about whatever girls talk about. We all had a great time. Got home around 9:30 and put the kids to bed. Allison was asleep by 11:15, and I rang in the new year playing Gears of War. And I don't want to talk about today. The Hogs' offense was flat out embarrassing.