Friday, January 12

Why Me?

First week at the new job. It's going great.

Until now.

First of all, I despise using the bathroom at the office, especially here since it's a 1-seater shared by all employees (male & female). It's right next to the break area and community printer. Enough said about that.

So I go to use the restroom before a meeting...a long visit to the bathroom. I go to flush and...nothing happens. Zilch. No flush. Not like a "it's stopped up and can't flush"...but a "I pulled the handle and the thing is dead".

I asked a guy who we called when stuff broke...he's calling the people now. I had to put an "Out of Order" sticky note on the door.

Why me??


Josh & Margo said...

I need to give you a lesson on fixing toilets.

goatmaster said...

Dude, I'm truly very sorry. I have all kinds of public bathroom issues. That would have been career-ending for me. I would have crawled out a window while no one was looking and never went back. You need to find a "safe haven" as soon as possible. Check out this survival guide: