Saturday, February 5

Spelling with B

I snapped this picture of Brooklyn while we were down on the floor spelling words with our Bananagrams. It is nothing special, but I sure do think she looks cute!

Emma's Note

A few weeks ago, I got a call from the school nurse that Emma had fallen down at recess. She was okay, but slipped in some melted snow and got pretty wet. I was at dance with Brooklyn, but it was almost over so we ran to the house to grab some clothes and take them to her. She was with the nurse eating her lunch when we got there. I helped her get dressed and then told her she needed to go on back to class. She proceeded to get really sad and cry. Luckily, Mrs. Waterman walked by at that moment and took her back to class for me. I was sad to leave her like that, but I knew it was the best thing to do.

She came home from school that day doing fine and fully recovered. Later that evening, I was going through her backpack and found a sweet note from someone from school. I asked Emma who it was from and she said, "Jordan." It was the sweetest note and I went on and on to Emma about how great I thought it was for Jordan to write that to her. Emma goes to a public school and this is the note that she got from a sweet friend that was concerned for her when she was upset at school. Thank you Jesus!


It started snowing this past Tuesday morning and it seems like it hasn't stopped since. It snowed and iced all day on Tuesday. We did not get anymore snow on Wednesday and Thursday, but the temps were freezing or below. Our low on Wednesday was -7. Not the windchill. The temperature. Yesterday (Friday) they projected 1-2". Springdale got 4". Today was the first time we have seen the sunshine and we were very thankful! Things are slowly starting to melt. Just in time for another system tomorrow and what the weatherman says "a whopper" coming in on Wednesday. So far this school year we have used 6 snow days which means at this point we will be going the whole first week of June.

I LOVE having both my girls home and have loved our time here, but I love swimming and playing outside in the summer so much more. That is the only thing that makes me wish for this snow to go away.

We knew what was coming on Monday, so my sister in law and John's cousins made a late night trip to JoAnn's to get our supplies for a wreath that we have been wanting to make. I also picked up a few $1 crafts for the girls. We started our Tuesday off with some TV, breakfast and then broke open the crafts. The girls colored their wood paper dolls and I began cutting circles for my Valentine felt wreath. John worked from home and tried his hardest to get a few things accomplished while hunkered down in our bedroom.

The highlight Tuesday came when Emma's teacher, who lives just a few doors down from us, posted on Facebook that she wanted to make snow ice cream. I commented and said we did too, but didn't have all the stuff. About an hour later, she texted to see if she could come over to make it with us. Of course!! Emma was beside herself!! Mrs. Waterman's husband had to go to work that day, so she was by herself. She stayed for almost 2 hours just talking and eating ice cream. What fun to have your first grade teacher hang with you on a snow day!!

Emma has been asking me to make meatballs forever now and I finally decided to try Pioneer Woman's recipe since I had some spare time to make them on Tuesday night. They are a little labor intensive, but they were a hit with all four of us.

On Wednesday, John took a lunch break at home and built a snowman with Emma. Brooklyn did not want to outside, so we pulled the chair up to the window, cuddled up and drank hot chocolate while watching them make a really cute snowman. I had bought a "snowman kit" at Restoration Hardware last February on clearance, so we finally got to put it to use. Isn't he cute? John and Emma went sledding today (Saturday) at a local church. It has a great hill for sledding and as you can tell, LOTS of people like to go there. John said it was a lot of fun. Brooklyn, for some reason, did not want to go, so we stayed home and played here.

On Wednesday I finished my craft project! It was really fun to make and it was fun having the time to do it. I have a list of crafts I want to make for me and just never get to do them. I also rarely get to read for pleasure and I finished a 376 page book in 5 days. A friend told me about it and I found it hard to put down. There are two books after this one, so I have some more reading to do.

So, what else have we been doing inside together all week? Well, we made Valentines for family, colored Rapunzel's castle on a found poster board, made cookies, tried new recipes, made a wreath, watched a lot of movies, played games, played on the computer, packed some of the office, I finished a 375 page book for pure pleasure, read books, "squadled" babies (B's word for swaddle-precious*), built a snowman, sledding, puzzles, showed our house with 15 minute notice, and much much more. We have had a lot of fun together and are so very thankful that we were able to enjoy these 5 days at our home with electricity.