Wednesday, November 28 Bed

I love Chinese food. Specifically, fried Chinese food drenched in any kind of sauce. I also love fortune cookies. For the longest time, Allison and I have always added the phrase "in bed" to the end of our fortune. I'm sure others do this too (because I know we're not the only crazies in the world!). This is my latest fortune...apparently, I'm still VERY immature.

Wednesday, November 14

Irony Defined

A guy just ran his Mercedes into my co-worker's car.

Into a parked car in a parking lot.

Minor damage to my co-worker's car.

Front end of the 'Cedes is crumpled.

The guy is a Personal Injury lawyer, specializing in car accidents.

Irony defined.

Sunday, November 11

Fall Leaves

The girls have really enjoyed making piles of leaves and playing in them. Emma likes to pile them at the end of the slide and land in them. I love the fall!

Sweet, Sick B

Brooklyn woke up with a fever on Friday afternoon and had it until sometime last night. It got up to 103.5 at its highest point. She was pretty fussy unless she was being held, but I took full advantage of the cuddle time. Emma was never a cuddly baby and I prayed for Brooklyn to be, but she really isn't. More so than Emma, but still not a cuddler. I made John take some pictures of our cuddle time so I could remember it down the road! She literally laid on me for a solid hour after dinner last night. It was the highlight of my weekend.

Tuesday, November 6


I made a discovery the other day. Emma can help me out by feeding Brooklyn! Never even crossed my mind as an option. Emma asked if she could feed B her apple sauce one day at lunch. I thought for a second about the mess it could be, but then I said, "Sure!" Emma did great! So great that I had to take a picture.

I thought I would also add in a cute picture of them playing on the floor the other day. I love sweet sister moments!

Birthday Present

I didn't know what to tell our families to get B for her birthday, so they gave us some money to spend on her later on. She loves sitting in chairs and climbing on them, so we decided to get her a little chair of her own. I bought it on eBay and she LOVES it. So does Emma. We might have to get her one later on. Doesn't she look so proud?

Friday, November 2

Finally Halloween pictures....

We spent this Halloween with the Hannon's eating Papa Murphy's pumpkin shaped pizza and trick or treating. Emma dressed like "Flower the Skunk" from Bambi and Brooklyn was a butterfly. Emma had so much fun trick or treating this year and B loved hanging out in the wagon. It was a fun night. I know I am partial, but they sure were cute!