Sunday, January 28

Bumbo Madness: The Refrigerator

Next up in the series of Bumbo Madness, we find little Brooklyn chilling (no pun intended) on top of the refrigerator!

We brainstormed with the Hale's on different places to shoot Bumbo Madness and have come up with some really great ideas that we'll hopefully implement. If I were better at Photoshop layers, I could have a REALLY good time superimposing the Brooklyn-filled Bumbo in some ludicrous places. Alas, we'll have to stick to reality and continue to put our child in dangerous places for the sake of a good laugh and picture.


Shelli said...

I heart bumbo madness

goatmaster said...

Man, that's awesome! So awesome in fact, that we (Kate and I) challenged ourselves to try and exceed your awesome feats of child endangerment. Check it out:

I smell a contest...