Wednesday, December 19

Mad Ballerina Skillz

The great thing about raising and living with all girls, is that you're surrounded by really funny stuff all the time. Because face it: girls are funny.

Emma is all about ballerina dancing. It involves lots of spinning, jumping, and random poses. Here is a video of her showing off her mad ballerina skillz.

And not to be left out of the picture, the soon-to-be-spotlight-sharer (aka Brooklyn), had to throw down and show off her mad dancing skillz. Hers involves mainly spinning moves, while trying to keep her hands above her head. She at least succeeds some of the time. Here is her video.



Yes, this is the Nelson's 3rd post for the day. Second for me. BUT, this was so worth blogging and it happened earlier tonight.
Emma has a little cold and has had to get "stuff" out of her nose quite a bit lately. She has actually been really good about going to get some toilet paper and not just picking the buggers. I guess she was to busy doing something else to take the time to go get a kleenex because I looked over at her and I see her picking her nose. I was talking to my Mom on the phone so I didn't say anything until I watched her purposefully go and wipe the bugger in Brooklyn's hair!!! What??? Yes, that is exactly what I said to her loudly-WHAT ARE YOU DOING?. My Mom was dying laughing and I was trying to hold the laughter in. I made her get it out of B's hair and take it to the bathroom. Gross!!!
John just told me that the post would be much better if I had taken a picture of the bugger in B's hair. Oh well. I will remember that for next time.

Happy Faces for Everyone!

It is currently 62 degrees in Springdale and beautiful!! We gave Emma a bike for her birthday (which was on the 5th) and she has not been able to ride it since then. It has just been to cold for all of us to get out and try it. Finally today, we tried it out and she did great! We were worried the wobbliness of the training wheels would bother her, but not a complaint was made by her.

We have all (including myself) been needing to get out of the house so it has been such a treat to get to play outside. Brooklyn screamed at the door when we came in to take naps. She screamed below the trampoline to get back up. She loves being outside. (don't look to closely at her mismatched snowman pj's and sweatshirt that she wore outside!)

Belle was so happy that we ventured outside with her. I had already walked her this morning in the freezing cold, but she is always up for some ball.
It has been a good day and a relief to do something different and be outside.

Tuesday, December 18

It's Grrrreeeaaat!!!

After a brief stint at TimeWarner working on the magazine category, I have been given a fantastic opportunity to move to Kellogg's. I begin on January 7th, and I'm pretty darn pumped about it. I'll be working under the title of Business Solutions Analyst on their Category team. Besides being a really great position, I'll be working for a guy I have a lot of respect for. Of course, I can't say I know him very well, but I expect my views of him will only increase.

I'm also excited about the Pop Tarts. Instead of free Martha Stewart Living magazines (aka Porn for Women), I'll hopefully be scoring some Frosted Flakes and Pop Tarts (aka, the Breakfast of Champions). Man, I love me some Pop Tarts!

Wednesday, December 5

Happy 4th Birthday Emma!!!

This is one of my favorite pictures from the past year. We are having a party this afternoon, so there will be more birthday blogging to come!
Happy Birthday Emma! We love you,
Daddy, Mommy, Brooklyn and Belle

Tuesday, December 4

Christmas Train

On Saturday, we took the girls on a train ride from Springdale to Rogers. Not just a train ride, but a train ride with Santa on board. Since both of our girls are three and under (Emma turns 4 tomorrow) we only had to pay for John and I. The money went towards the Children's Shelter and it was well worth it. We all had a great time. It was a fun Christmas treat.

Sorry for the poor placement of pictures! I have 2 children at my feet and not enough time to mess with it!

Monday, December 3

Emma's Tree

We bought Emma a pink Christmas tree for her room this year. I would like for it eventually to just be a girly princess tree, but for now it is a Disney tree. I had a little tree in my room growing up that was decorated with Disney ornaments, so my Mom dug those out and let us use them for Emma. We had fun!
Take note of the Mickey Mouse Club ears at the top. Yes, I was a nerd and was an avid watcher of that show every day after school. (I watched in the days of Justin Timberlake, Brittney, Keri Russell) So much of a nerd, that I made the ears as my tree topper as a child.