Tuesday, September 21

Brooklyn Starts Dance

Brooklyn and Emma dance all the time at home, so when I asked Brooklyn if she wanted to take dance this year the answer was an obvious YES! I told her she would have to stop gymnastics if she wanted to try dance and she said she wanted to give gymnastics a break.

We missed the first week because we were in Disney World (Yes, I'm starting with the short posts and will eventually get to our incredible time at WDW), but she came ready to dance last Tuesday morning. Brooklyn was so excited to use her new ballet and tap shoes! She was even more excited that she was getting to take dance with two of her besties, Whitlee and Alyssa and a new friend from the summer, Hannah. I can't even explain to you how cute they all are!

Wednesday, September 1

Brooklyn's First Day of School

Brooklyn's "school" started on Monday, August 30th. To say she was excited to go would be an understatement. Our normally late sleeper was in our room at 6:30am ready to get the day going. She picked out her outfit from head to toe!

John went into work late, so that he could go with me to take B to school. He didn't want her to think that her first day of Kids Day Out was any less special than Emma's first day of first grade. Sweet Daddy!

Brooklykn thinks she is such a big girl because she is now through the big double doors and in the hallway by the "playroom". Her teachers seem great and I was super impressed with what all they are going to be doing this year. John and I were so impressed last year with what B learned, how great the staff is and how they loved on Brooklyn, that we kept her at KDO this year too. They have an awesome music teacher that does a great job of incorporating scripture with song. It is Brooklyn's favorite part of the day.

John and I took B to her class and she walked right in and sat down with some other little girls and started stringing the wooden beads that they had out on the table. When it was time for us to leave, Brooklyn wouldn't even get up to come tell us goodbye. I had to go to her to get a hug and kiss. She was so excited!

Brooklyn had a great day and talked my ear off in the car on the way home. I think it is going to be a great year!