Saturday, February 28

Happy 32nd Birthday John!

Happy Birthday John!

We celebrated John's birthday last night with his parents and the Hannon kids (Sam and Amy are out of town). We ate at La Hacienda (home of the best cheese enchilladas), ate cake and opened presents.

Emma loves to make birthday cards. On her cards, she likes to draw pictures of what the "birthday person" likes to do. John's card consisted of a picture of a camera, a family portrait and a picture of him and Emma hiking. That is the side showing in this picture. She even drew a walking stick for herself to hold because John always picks her out one when they hike around. Just had to blog it b/c it was so cute and so thoughtful.

Today is his actual birthday and per his request, we have a babysitter tonight and are headed to Hugo's with the Cramer's.

Love you so much, John! I am so glad that I have been able to spend the last 11 birthdays with you. I pray there are many, many more to come!!!

Thursday, February 26

$10 Table

We recently separated Emma and Brooklyn back into their own rooms. We were having a lot of trouble with Brooklyn (our night owl and late sleeper) at night going to bed. It was keeping Emma from getting the sleep she needed since she does not take a nap during the day. Things have been much more pleasant at bedtime since the switch. My dream of them sharing a room is gone for now, but maybe at some point it will work out.

Emma really needed a little bedside table for her lamp, sound machine and Bible. I did not want to spend a lot of money on it, so I went to the flea markets. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a "before" picture prior to painting. It was a very dark, beat up, cherry table. NOW, a cute, 3 tiered, white table for my oldest gal. I hate all the wires it shows, but I can't complain to much since I only spent $10. I love a good deal!

Tuesday, February 24

My Most Recent Conversation with Emma

My conversation with Emma last night:

Emma: Mom, I don't want you to die.
Me: What made you think about that?
Emma: I don't know. I just don't want you to die.

This morning the conversation continued:

Emma: I don't want you to die because then I wouldn't have little notes in my lunch and I really like your notes.
Me (giggling): That is sweet, Em.
Emma: You asked yesterday why I didn't want you to die and that is why.
Me (giggling more): I am glad to know that my notes are appreciated. I like writing them.

Kids are funny! I have no idea where she got the idea of me dying, but it is good to know that I would be missed. If for nothing more than my notes to her in her lunch! :)

Sunday, February 22

Emma has been blessed.....

with much creativity! I have no idea what God has in store for Emma in the realm of her creativity, but He has definetly given her a gift. We saw it when she was young and it continues to blossom as she grows. I love it! It often makes for a mess, but I try my hardest not to squish that gift in order to have a "picked up" house.
Emma does a great job including Brooklyn into her creations and she has been getting a lot of praise lately for being such a great big sister. She's a pretty fun sister to have, I think.

Emma used her kitchen shelf as a tray and brought me food.

Emma and Brooklyn were playing outside and came in to get me. They wanted me to take their picture in their "houses". Emma built B's for her and told her to get in. B loved it!

Emma put her "swimsuit" (leotard) on and told me she was going to the beach. When asked what the desk was for she told me, "it was her shade."

She got hot and decided to go for a swim in the swimming pool (the wood floor).

Emma, the hairdresser. She used every bow and clippy that we own and put them in her hair.

Brooklyn initiated this one. I found them both hiding in the closet, in the dress up boxes!

Wednesday, February 18

Friday, February 13

Happy Valentine's Day

Since the girls were going to Nana and GDad's house for Valentine's weekend, we took the girls on a date last Saturday. I couldn't resist celebrating a little more with the family on Thursday night since we would not all be together on the actual day. We gave the girls their present from us (cute cookie set for their kitchen) and made Valentine pancakes with sprinkles for dinner. Emma even helped me make a special treat for John. Yummy chocolate covered strawberries.

John and I have been home alone this weekend and it has been nice and weird all at the same time. It has been freeing to do what we want, when we want, but then WAY TOO QUIET when we are here at home alone. I am so thankful that we had these 2 days. We have been able to take care of us this weekend instead of 2 sweet little girls. As nice as it has been, I am ready to see those sweet little faces.

John and I went out with our Community Group last night to an "Evening of Romance" which is put on by NWA Healthy Marriages. In my opinion, they could have thought of a title that was a little less on the cheese, but they didn't ask me. It was a fun night with friends and much laughter by the 8 of us. I'm sure Elizabeth will be posting some fun pics soon!

John chose to go to Ponca at 5am to take pictures rather than sleeping in on a Saturday morning without kids. I did the latter. It was nice waking up and taking my time around the house. I finally made it out to run some errands that I have been putting off and then did some antiquing. I was on the search for an inexpensive bedside table for Emma and I found one for $10! I will be posting my "find" after a fresh coat of paint! And, I drove around looking at houses and lots because that is what is fun for me. I know I am weird.

We went to a 4:30 showing of The International, which I highly do not recommend. Then we went to PFChang for dinner and it was delicious! Even better when all you have to do at the end is hand the guy a gift card and a little cash for a tip. We shopped arond at the Promenade for a while and are now home. We have lots of DVR'd stuff to watch, so I better go!

You Know You are a Mom When...........

1. You bake your own cake for your birthday (not because your husband won't buy you one, but just because you want to make it like your own Mom used to make for you). This is my Mom's Texas Chocolate Sheet Cake and it is my fav!

2. You ask for something that is really for your child because it will go on their bed. Thanks Mom and Dad!

3. You ask for a painting of your dog (first born child in our case) for your birthday and days after receiving it you still can't stop smiling at it! I have always wanted a painted canvas of Belle. I'm a dog lover and as crazy as this must sound to MOST of my friends out there, I really, really wanted this. I had priced some around and they were all WAY to much money. Ashley Keylor recently posted on her blog that she had done some dog portraits for a friend. I thought they were great and the price was SUPER, so I passed it on to John in hopes that he would contact Ashley. I really didn't think he remembered, but he did. Ashley did such a great job! I am posting the original picture that she had to go by with the picture of her painting. AMAZING! Here is her website, in case you need a dog portrait too. (oh, and she does anything and everything painted, so check it out)

John made my birthday really special with surprise flowers and this surprise painting. I really did not think he would go through with it. The girls were great, besides waking up way earlier than they normally do. Although birthdays are not the "you are a queen for the day" that they used to be growing up, I woud not trade having my little girls here celebrating with me and asking me, "What kind of party are you going to have? Barbie? Dora?"

Funny Video

Emma was putting on a Talent Show and wanted me to film her. In steps Brooklyn who is half naked. I am cracking up. I do apologize for my harsh voice to Emma. I wanted her to continue singing before the time ran out. Emma, Brooklyn and I have been around the computer for the past 10 minutes watching this video again and again. Laughing over and over. I love these girls!

Wednesday, February 11

Family Date: "Valentine Style"

John's parents called last week and offered to have the girls to their house this weekend: Valentine's weekend. I actually did think about it for a little bit because I was looking forward to the family date I had planned for the 14th. John quickly reminded me that we could do that date anytime with the girls, but we don't get a weekend to ourselves very often. So, we declared the morning of February 7th as our Family Valentine Date.

We started off the morning by going to Krispy Kreme and having really cute and yummy Valentine doughnuts.

Then headed to Different Strokes to paint pottery with the girls. I pictured the girls painting a tile that didn't require much detail work, but they picked out more elaborate things. Emma picked a cat and Brooklyn chose a little dog. Brooklyn and John worked on the dog and I watched John get frustrated with B because she was not painting the way he wanted her to. It was pretty funny since he gets on to me for the same thing a lot of the time. We did have a good time and it was nice being just the 4 of us.

Tuesday, February 10


This was too cute not to post. No reason except
that they are hugging and actually both smiling at the camera.

Guitar Hero

I haven't blogged in over a week and I have a lot of catching up to do.
John borrowed Guitar Hero for the Xbox from a friend and now thinks he is a rock star. Emma LOVES when he plays it and decks herself out in "rockstar" attire and gets out her musical instruments too.
As soon as John walks in the door from work, a cute little 5 year old girl greets him and begs him to play Xbox. His greatest dreams have come true!
Todd is actually playing in this picture, but please note Emma's moves on the left.