Tuesday, January 30

Bumbo Madness: The Entertainment Center

Tonight, Brooklyn finally got her spot as the (top-left) center of attention and entertainment in our household. We took the picture while Emma was still awake, and she continually asked "Why is Brooklyn up there, Daddy?". We told her that Brooklyn could only be up there when Mommy or Daddy put her up there (as if that will be a common place to store the kiddo when we're vacuuming).

Apparently, Travis & Kate have enjoyed this Bumbo Madness series. So much so, that they've made it into a little contest to see who can put their youngest child in the most dangerous (yet contained) situation. In all honestly, Tavis' post jumped up into my Top 20 Funniest Things Ever Read by Me. He joins some lofty company on that list. So, the battle is on! But since Travis is a Doctor (not a doctor-doctor, a book-ish doctor), I know that I cannot out-wit him. I'll be taking comments on ideas for Bumbo Madness locations/situations. If you have a good one (that won't harm my child), leave a comment, and maybe you'll be honored to have a photo taken with your idea in action! That would look great on a resume...

Also, I have created a folder to collect all Bumbo Madness photos here. Just for reiterated documentation.


Travis said...

I feel honored to have made your top 20 list as I know you've seen some funny stuff in your day. However, the real honor is simply the opportunity to battle Bumbos with someone who appreciates child endangerment so deeply. May the best man, (or worst father), win!

PS - I can guarantee my many years of edumacation will not be of any advantage to me. There's little in common between inventory management and stunt-parenting.

PPS - Don't forget, we're at a real physical handicap. Annika won't sit still in her Bumbo, so elevated surfaces are not an option for us!

Anonymous said...

We LOVE these pics! I showed Olivia and she was laughing really hard and then she said, "Look, they are watching Little Einsteins!" Now she wants to see the Little Einstein picture all of the time. Did you see Zach and Jessica Newcomb's pic? If not, go Trav's xanga site and he has a subscription, so you can just click on JZnewcombbaby. We miss you guys! I love that you put the plunger in the picture- that adds not only danger- but grossness! -Kate

Anonymous said...

looking at all your pics this is like finding wheres waldo

Anonymous said...

john nelson...get that baby off the television! that is so funny!!!
and get her out of the oven too!!
really Brooklyn Nelson has to be the most scrumptious baby EVER ALIVE.
I guess i feel the same about her...how you feel about Carley and Silas.
Seriously...that little seat she sits in
is hilarious!!
i was going to comment on the oven pics, but on top of the TV is the funniest thing i've ever seen.