Saturday, January 6

Out of the Nest!

I have finally leapt from the nest (haha...nest...nestle)! My last day with Nestlé was Thursday. Though it was extremely sad to say goodbye to co-workers and friends, I'm stoked about my new job at Time-Warner. It's a great move to another great company.

Since I had to leave my mini-van at work (company car), Allison came and got me in my new car. She also got a baby sitter, so we went to Bonefish Grill with some co-workers and friends to celebrate my escape...I mean, my transition. I knocked down several of the Bang, Bang Shrimp, and a couple of glasses of Pinot Gris wine. The best part? John Rinaldi (co-worker) picked up the majority of the tab...specifically, he put it on his corporate American Nestlé bought dinner. Ended up costing each individual about $14, which is crazy cheap for all the food and beverages we got. Thanks Nestlé (John).

Now for a quiet weekend at home with my girls...wait...there's no such thing as quiet at my house anymore. At least it's a weekend at home with my girls. :)

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