Saturday, January 13

Picture Updates

Brooklyn has recently discovered her hands. For the most part, she now holds a position similar to a boxer protecting his face: fists at eye level and all clinched up. It's pretty funny. As seen here, her second favorite hand activity is flipping the bird. By the way, this is not a posed picture...this is what she does...Of course, I couldn't be prouder! I believe the finger isn't given enough nowadays. As Dane Cook says, the regular finger doesn't have enough meaning / pizazz anymore, so he has created the super finger. I'll be working with Brooklyn to ensure she learns the SU-FI correctly.

In more girly news, I went in to wake Emma up from a nap the other day. This is what I found...Emma curled up at the end of her bed covered with stuffed animals, wearing one of her princess dresses. It was pretty sweet, so I had to take a picture. She looked pretty darn comfortable, too...I miss the days of curling up in a big pile of stuffed animals and taking naps. It's great to be a kid.

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BJ and Brandy said...

This must be a baby thing, we have several pictures of Jordan doing the same thing!