Wednesday, February 11

Family Date: "Valentine Style"

John's parents called last week and offered to have the girls to their house this weekend: Valentine's weekend. I actually did think about it for a little bit because I was looking forward to the family date I had planned for the 14th. John quickly reminded me that we could do that date anytime with the girls, but we don't get a weekend to ourselves very often. So, we declared the morning of February 7th as our Family Valentine Date.

We started off the morning by going to Krispy Kreme and having really cute and yummy Valentine doughnuts.

Then headed to Different Strokes to paint pottery with the girls. I pictured the girls painting a tile that didn't require much detail work, but they picked out more elaborate things. Emma picked a cat and Brooklyn chose a little dog. Brooklyn and John worked on the dog and I watched John get frustrated with B because she was not painting the way he wanted her to. It was pretty funny since he gets on to me for the same thing a lot of the time. We did have a good time and it was nice being just the 4 of us.


Sydney said...

Cute cute cute! I love the family dates!

Anonymous said...

They look really hiper after all that sugar on those doughnuts. I can see them saying I want more I want more..