Sunday, February 22

Emma has been blessed.....

with much creativity! I have no idea what God has in store for Emma in the realm of her creativity, but He has definetly given her a gift. We saw it when she was young and it continues to blossom as she grows. I love it! It often makes for a mess, but I try my hardest not to squish that gift in order to have a "picked up" house.
Emma does a great job including Brooklyn into her creations and she has been getting a lot of praise lately for being such a great big sister. She's a pretty fun sister to have, I think.

Emma used her kitchen shelf as a tray and brought me food.

Emma and Brooklyn were playing outside and came in to get me. They wanted me to take their picture in their "houses". Emma built B's for her and told her to get in. B loved it!

Emma put her "swimsuit" (leotard) on and told me she was going to the beach. When asked what the desk was for she told me, "it was her shade."

She got hot and decided to go for a swim in the swimming pool (the wood floor).

Emma, the hairdresser. She used every bow and clippy that we own and put them in her hair.

Brooklyn initiated this one. I found them both hiding in the closet, in the dress up boxes!


Anonymous said...

Typical Nelsons!


Erica said...

Girls are great!

Sydney said...

LOVE all of it (and lots of it is familiar at our house!)
I am sure she got lots of that from her very creative Mommy!