Friday, February 13

Happy Valentine's Day

Since the girls were going to Nana and GDad's house for Valentine's weekend, we took the girls on a date last Saturday. I couldn't resist celebrating a little more with the family on Thursday night since we would not all be together on the actual day. We gave the girls their present from us (cute cookie set for their kitchen) and made Valentine pancakes with sprinkles for dinner. Emma even helped me make a special treat for John. Yummy chocolate covered strawberries.

John and I have been home alone this weekend and it has been nice and weird all at the same time. It has been freeing to do what we want, when we want, but then WAY TOO QUIET when we are here at home alone. I am so thankful that we had these 2 days. We have been able to take care of us this weekend instead of 2 sweet little girls. As nice as it has been, I am ready to see those sweet little faces.

John and I went out with our Community Group last night to an "Evening of Romance" which is put on by NWA Healthy Marriages. In my opinion, they could have thought of a title that was a little less on the cheese, but they didn't ask me. It was a fun night with friends and much laughter by the 8 of us. I'm sure Elizabeth will be posting some fun pics soon!

John chose to go to Ponca at 5am to take pictures rather than sleeping in on a Saturday morning without kids. I did the latter. It was nice waking up and taking my time around the house. I finally made it out to run some errands that I have been putting off and then did some antiquing. I was on the search for an inexpensive bedside table for Emma and I found one for $10! I will be posting my "find" after a fresh coat of paint! And, I drove around looking at houses and lots because that is what is fun for me. I know I am weird.

We went to a 4:30 showing of The International, which I highly do not recommend. Then we went to PFChang for dinner and it was delicious! Even better when all you have to do at the end is hand the guy a gift card and a little cash for a tip. We shopped arond at the Promenade for a while and are now home. We have lots of DVR'd stuff to watch, so I better go!

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Sydney said...

You are the cutest and most creative Mommy! Love all of your festivities!

That cookie set was a Christmas present at our house with our kitchen and it is a daily favorite! It is so cute. My favorite is that Emma has a goodie in her hand while holding the gift.

Sounds like a great weekend! I am sad I didn't get to ride up to AR with my parents, but I am glad they got to see you for a second!

Miss you!