Wednesday, June 2


Emma graduated from Kindergarten a few weeks ago. It is now June 2nd and she is still in school thanks to all the snow this winter. I am a little late in updating, but here are some pictures of the big day. It was mainly a music program and they handed out diplomas at the end. It was sweet.

Emma, we are so proud of you! I remember that first day of school so vividly and what a mess I was. I prayed many prayers over the summer for you and your kindergarten year. God answered those prayers. He gave you a teacher that loves you to pieces and most of all, loves Jesus. You have grown and changed in so many ways, but you are the same sweet "you". Praise the Lord. I hope you always keep that sweet spirit about you. God brought us mid year challenges, but we prayed our way through them together. God was faithful to answer our prayers. You went to school barely being able to read a word and now you are soaring through chapter books. It has been a good year! I can't believe that in 2 1/2 months, I will have a first grader!

Emma with a few of her classmates: Colin, Shaylin, Allie, Audra, Em, Brady and Gabe

Ms. Norris giving Emma her diploma!

Emma got to play the blow up saxophone during one of the songs. Super cute!

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