Wednesday, June 2

Brooklyn's End of the Year Program

Brooklyn's school ended last week, but the week before that, they performed a few of their songs that they have been learning this semester. She goes to a Kids Day Out Program at a local church, but they really treat it like a preschool. I have been impressed with what Brooklyn has learned this year and have been SUPER impressed with the little music program. "Miss Jillybean" comes to each of the classrooms during the day and teaches them songs to scripture with motions. Brooklyn sings these songs all the time and even taught Emma one with motions. You must know that B thought she was pretty hot stuff being able to teach big sister something for a change.

Brooklyn, you have grown up so much this year! You have become much more independent with Emma being at school every day, but you still LOVE when 3:00 rolls around and most of all the weekend when Emma is home to play. You are a firecracker, but the cutest little firecracker I have ever seen! You are a 3 year old! When you are sweet, you are sweeeeeeeeeeeet, but that can turn to something not so sweet within seconds. You do have a precious heart and you care for people. You love your friends and family. You are a lot of fun! I love having you all to myself during the days and have loved getting to know you this year with no other distractions. You are my buddy. :) We are proud of you and all the many things you have learned this year and how you have grown as a little person!!!

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Sydney said...

Sweet, sweet sweet! this post and the next one. We miss you guys!!
Road trip to NWAR? Ready for 6 house guests?