Friday, May 14

Our Kindergarten Graduate

Emma graduates from kindergarten today, although she still has three weeks of school left. I think they scheduled it before all the snow days! :) I am not sure what exactly happens at Kindergarten Graduation, but Emma has said they will walk the stage and get a certificate. They are also going to perform some of their songs they have been doing in music. It should be fun! We are going to check her out for lunch after, but be back in time for their celebration as a class! I am sure there will be more to blog after the event, but for now, I had to post this precious picture for our scrapbook.

This picture cracks me up!! I love it and I think Emma looks so pretty! (I took a picture of the actual picture, so it is really horrible quality-sorry!) I can't believe the year is almost over. We ALL survived the transition!! Emma has learned a ton, made lots of friends, and is reading like crazy and loving it! I never dreamed she would be reading as well as she is. I'm excited to do summer reading with her since she is now able to read some of the books I grew up reading!

It has been a great year and we have loved Ms. Norris. We had heard mixed things about her, but she was great and such an answer to my prayers about her kindergarten teacher. God is faithful to provide exactly what we need!

Summer break starts on June 7th. Hooray!

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