Wednesday, June 10

Happy 9th Anniversary to Us!

9 years ago today at 11:00 AM, John and I were married. It was the most fun day of my life. The first thing John and I talked about in the limo after our reception, was how fun our wedding day was and how we wish we could rewind 3 hours and do it all over again. To this day, we still say that. It was so fun and so wonderful to have all of our favorite family and friends all in one place for just a few hours.

When I look back at pictures, I still love every detail about the day. The bridesmaids' flowers and my bouquet were EXACTLY how I had them envisioned. They were my favorite detail of the day. I still remember the nervousness I felt at the back of the church listening to Leah sing Amazing Grace acapella a few moments before I walked out. (Sometimes I watch our video, just to hear her sing that very song) I remember hearing the trumpet in the balcony and I remember seeing John at the end of the aisle. I remember the words that Sam and Dr. Horne said. I remember the feelings running through me when John sang. I remember lighting our unity candle and hugging each of our parents. I remember kissing John and nearly skipping out of the church. The reception was just as great. A dreamy wedding cake. An amazing ice sculpture with votive candles lining each tier. The icing on the cake was getting to be with our favorite friends and family. Although we didn't get to talk to each one, or spend near the amount of time as we would have liked with them, they were what made our day what it was.

Our wedding video is on VHS and our VCR has been broken for probably a year now. I love watching our video on our anniversary and will be sad to not watch it tomorrow. In fact, last year Emma watched with me. This year, we will just have to replay the memories in our head. Maybe this will make us take our video and have it copied to a DVD.

9 years later, I still love John like I did that day, but about 100 times more. Isn't it amazing what can change in 9 years? 1 apartment, 2 houses, a dog, 6 jobs between the two of us, fun vacations, much laughter, some tears, and 2 precious girls later, here we are.
I could not ask for more.


Grace said...

That is soo sweet! Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

I think John Even had more hair back then.


Martha said...

I have really fond memories of your was great. Happy Anniversary!

Sydney said...

Oh Happy Day!
Sad for your video- we also need to get ours transferred to DVD!

Mandy said...

you can borrow our VCR :) we still use ours!
happy anniversary

Sarah said...

i loved your flowers, too. i still remember exactly what they looked like... and i was super nervous when john started singing!