Friday, June 12

Anniversary Date

After going back and forth on where to eat for our anniversary, we went with our regular special occasion restaurant. We went to Bordino's, which is a fun little place in the heart of Fayetteville on Dickson Street. The food is always so good and the atmosphere is great too. We had a great dinner and when we walked out, the sky was amazing! It was a pinkish, redish, blueish, purplish color with a full rainbow across the sky. (those of you in NWA will understand my grammatically, incorrect colorful description) John was dying that he did not have his camera to take some shots. We had a great night together and did something kind of fun in honor of our anniversary that might be revealed later if the details work out.

The girls and I did sit down on Wednesday afternoon to look through our wedding album. Brooklyn kept looking at me in my big white dress and saying, "Mommy, white Barbie!" She thinks anything that wears a dress (stuffed animals included) is a "Barbie". I love it.

The last picture in our album is John and I dressed in more casual clothes leaving the reception. I told them that we were about to leave for our honeymoon. Emma asked, "What is a honeymoon?" I told her it was a vacation that you sometimes take after your wedding. Without hesitation, she responded, "I want to go to Chuck E Cheese for my honeymoon!"

That little story will make for a great rehearsal dinner story later in her life!


Holly said...

Hmmmmmmmmmmm....very curious about what you did on your Honeymoon night that may or may not be revealed depending on details that did or did not work out! :)

Holly said...

Sorry, I mean Anniversary night...not Honeymoon. Please, don't tell me those details. Well, I mean you can, but maybe not on the blog because then you might get arrested for indecent conversation! :) Ha!