Sunday, June 7

Fun Family Weekend

We went into this weekend with not very many plans, but ended up staying pretty busy. I got up early on Saturday morning and did our big grocery run. It was nice being able to go before the crowds. I came home and as I was putting groceries away, John decided to take the girls down to the creek in Johnson. Emma and John have been down there before exploring, but Brooklyn did not get to go last year. We got them dressed and put their rain boots on so that they could wade through the water. They headed off and I spent about an hour and a half at home alone catching up on things that needed to be done.

On Saturday evening, we went over to the Hannon's house for a 40th Anniversary party for John's parents. They were in town with John's aunt and uncle because they were flying out of XNA the following morning to go on a cruise. How fun is that? We took advantage of them being here the day before their anniversary and had a fun family dinner for them. Amy and Sam just had a fun patio built in their backyard, so we spent the whole night out there. It was really fun.

John and I heard that the Drive-In was playing UP, so we decided to be brave and try the girls out at their first drive in movie. John and I used to go there all the time, but have not been since Emma was born. The price per car has doubled to $11, but it was still a bargain for all 4 of us to get into a movie for $11. Plus, we had popped our own popcorn at home so we saved in concessions too! The girls loved that they were in their pj's and watching a movie in the back of my car with their pillows and blankies from home. It was a late night, but they both did great and enjoyed the movie. We didn't get them in bed until about 11:00 and figured we would pay for it today with grumpy attitudes, but they did great today. I hope it is not going to catch up to them tomorrow! It is not normal that they get to stay out that late, so it was a treat for all of us.

Today, we slept in a bit and then went to the late service at church. We ate pizza with some friends after church and then headed home for B to take a nap. Around 5:00, we headed out to the pool with the Robinson's and stayed until it was time to get home for baths and bed. It was a really fun weekend full of family, friends, and being outside. I love summer.

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kate said...

What a fun weekend! I love the pics of the girls! Rainboots make any pics cute! Those were really great John! The drive in looks so fun. In all the years I lived in Fayetteville I never went. Weird. Looks like super fun! It ws $27 for us to go the matinee. And since we couldn't bring in food- that was another $10. $11 is a way better deal- and healthier too! :) So glad the girls did well! Sounds like you guys made great memories this weekend!