Wednesday, December 19


Yes, this is the Nelson's 3rd post for the day. Second for me. BUT, this was so worth blogging and it happened earlier tonight.
Emma has a little cold and has had to get "stuff" out of her nose quite a bit lately. She has actually been really good about going to get some toilet paper and not just picking the buggers. I guess she was to busy doing something else to take the time to go get a kleenex because I looked over at her and I see her picking her nose. I was talking to my Mom on the phone so I didn't say anything until I watched her purposefully go and wipe the bugger in Brooklyn's hair!!! What??? Yes, that is exactly what I said to her loudly-WHAT ARE YOU DOING?. My Mom was dying laughing and I was trying to hold the laughter in. I made her get it out of B's hair and take it to the bathroom. Gross!!!
John just told me that the post would be much better if I had taken a picture of the bugger in B's hair. Oh well. I will remember that for next time.

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Anonymous said...

agreed john there should of been a picture caught in the act. Just goes to show girls can be mean when moma don't know what there doing..