Tuesday, December 4

Christmas Train

On Saturday, we took the girls on a train ride from Springdale to Rogers. Not just a train ride, but a train ride with Santa on board. Since both of our girls are three and under (Emma turns 4 tomorrow) we only had to pay for John and I. The money went towards the Children's Shelter and it was well worth it. We all had a great time. It was a fun Christmas treat.

Sorry for the poor placement of pictures! I have 2 children at my feet and not enough time to mess with it!


kate said...

Her b-day is tomorrow? Are you smokin' crack or am I? I think she was born on the 10th. I even have it on my calendar. I think you don't even know your own daughter's b-day. :)

Kate said...

Oh yeah- I want to do the Santa train!! Is it still going when we come? That looks awesome.