Wednesday, December 19

Happy Faces for Everyone!

It is currently 62 degrees in Springdale and beautiful!! We gave Emma a bike for her birthday (which was on the 5th) and she has not been able to ride it since then. It has just been to cold for all of us to get out and try it. Finally today, we tried it out and she did great! We were worried the wobbliness of the training wheels would bother her, but not a complaint was made by her.

We have all (including myself) been needing to get out of the house so it has been such a treat to get to play outside. Brooklyn screamed at the door when we came in to take naps. She screamed below the trampoline to get back up. She loves being outside. (don't look to closely at her mismatched snowman pj's and sweatshirt that she wore outside!)

Belle was so happy that we ventured outside with her. I had already walked her this morning in the freezing cold, but she is always up for some ball.
It has been a good day and a relief to do something different and be outside.

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Anonymous said...

How come Emma Squints all the time in her pictures I guess it just looks that way.