Wednesday, November 28 Bed

I love Chinese food. Specifically, fried Chinese food drenched in any kind of sauce. I also love fortune cookies. For the longest time, Allison and I have always added the phrase "in bed" to the end of our fortune. I'm sure others do this too (because I know we're not the only crazies in the world!). This is my latest fortune...apparently, I'm still VERY immature.


Anonymous said...

Hey whatever turns you all on.


Anonymous said...

What adult doesn't do that still? I don't want to meet him! That is the best way to have a good time. :) My family always goes to eat Chinese food on Christmas day for dinner. It always gives a good laugh. I wanted to see some Thanksgiving pics! Al- how did your Christmas sign turn out?

Travis said...

I've carry one around in my wallet for years that says, "A pleasant surpsire is in store for you soon."