Tuesday, November 6

Birthday Present

I didn't know what to tell our families to get B for her birthday, so they gave us some money to spend on her later on. She loves sitting in chairs and climbing on them, so we decided to get her a little chair of her own. I bought it on eBay and she LOVES it. So does Emma. We might have to get her one later on. Doesn't she look so proud?


Anonymous said...

I love the chair, but I adore the "footie" pj's! Aren't they great? And isn't she precious?!


Unknown said...

i love the personalization on it and all the pink. (paci, blankie, jammies, chair.:))

Emily said...

Email me with the Ebay info on where you got the chair....Annalyse would love that!

Allison Nelson said...

We love pink around here! Emily, I emailed you the info!