Wednesday, January 19

What Brooklyn has been up to.......

Brooklyn is in a stage where I never know what to expect from her. She can be a perfect angel one minute and the next she is screaming her head off and I'm dragging her out of some sort of public place. It's not fun. At all. The majority of the time she is a ton of fun, but the "fits" seem to overshadow the fun a lot of the time. For my own sake, I wanted to document what all B and I have been up to since Christmas and the fun we have had. On the days that she is not at school, this is a taste of what we do around the house on a typical day:

B colors in the doorway of my bathroom while I get ready. Sometimes Belle joins her. :)

She practices her dancing frequently with her "Learn to Dance" DVD.

We walk Belle when it's not to cold. And she dresses in style. :)

We play with the Lite Brite. Santa brought new Littlest Pet Shop sheets in Emma's stocking!

Brooklyn likes to "build" cupcake stands and sell me cupcakes. She prefers real money.

Brooklyn (and Emma) love to play with this bucket of beans. They fill cups and pour them through funnels over and over again. This particular day, B spent about 45 minutes doing this.

Every now and then, we go and have a lunch date with friends after dance. This particular day, it was just the two of us for a soup date at Panera.

We love hanging out together, but we are always super excited when 3:00 rolls around and this crazy gal comes home to play!!!

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kate said...

Great post Al! Loved it. I was laughing and crying! Hang in there. It has to pass...right? There are days I just look at Annika and wonder if she's listened to anything I've taught her the past 4 (almost 5-boohoo!) years. It is good to document the good stuff so one day you can look back and cover over those not so good days! You are a great mom to she and Emma!