Tuesday, January 18

Emma's Award

The Monday after the kids went back to school, they had an awards ceremony. They do this once a semester and award the kids for their accomplishments in reading, math, attendance, etc....Emma got a reading and math ribbon along with a special medal! We had no idea she was getting this. Had we known, John would have rearranged his schedule to make it there, but no one told us ahead of time.

Back in November, Emma entered a photograph she took while she was out exploring with John into the Reflections contest at school. The age bracket was K-2nd grade and she won first place! Her photograph will now go on to the State competition! Congrats to Emma! She was so proud of herself and her photographer Daddy was too. :)

In honor of Emma's good grades on her report card, her hard work, her photograph, and for just being a great 7 year old, I typed up this note for her last Thursday morning:

She wanted to go to Taco Bueno for quesadillas and cinnamon chips, so that is where we went. Brooklyn was at school and I was off work, so it was just Emma and me. She loved getting to check out just to go to lunch and I loved having her all to myself!

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