Wednesday, January 5

New Years Eve Eve

Both of the Walker families, the Lewis', and John and I decided to celebrate New Years Eve on December 30th since we knew it would be easier to find babysitters. We left 7 girls and one sweet baby boy with two sitters and enjoyed a night out at Table Mesa in Bentonville. The food was awesome and the people were that much better. I love these families and I was so glad to spend time with them ringing in the new year. (even if it was a little early)

John and I had a relaxing night at home for New Years Eve. The girls were so tired from the night before that they were asleep by 7:30. We grilled steaks and made green beans and Shells and Cheese for dinner. Then we watched a movie and ate molten chocolate chip cookie with ice cream. It was a perfect start to the New Year with my favorite person!

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Natalie said...

Such a beautiful pictures :)

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