Wednesday, January 5

Christmas Day

I woke up at 7:45 Christmas morning to whispers in the monitor. I could not believe the girls had slept that long! John and I jumped up and ran in there to remind them not to come out. We got the camera set up and the coffee made before we went in with them to read Luke 2 together. I love the idea of starting our morning off with THE Christmas story. Once we did that, the girls were ready to go out! I love the picture John got of them coming around the corner. It was an accident, but it is one of my favorites.

The girls both got the long awaited Pillow Pets from Santa along with ZuZu babies and a book. Their stockings were full of toothbrushes (one regular and one electric that they got to decorate), some candy, Lite Brite refills, chapstick and a new Cinderella phone for Brooklyn. Brooklyn would have been completely content with her Cinderella phone and carrying case and not a thing more. She didn't let go of the phone all day.

There was not a big item that the girls wanted this year. Brooklyn gave Emma a new ZuZu pet because hers had broken a few months ago. Emma gave B a Beauty and the Beast book for her Tag reader. John and I gave Emma a new glove, hat and scarf set and some fun rain boots. We surprised her with a Princess Lea toy that she had wanted at Disney World. She was out of spending money there, but we bought it and brought it back to save for Christmas. She was really excited! Brooklyn got Tangled for her Leapster, a Letter and Number dry erase book and new rain boots. We got them both Toy Story Mania for the Wii. It was designed after the ride at Hollywood Studios that we loved. It is a fun family game. Both girls have really enjoyed it.

I had put our breakfast in the oven after Santa gifts and it was ready right about the time we finished opening gifts. We had breakfast pizza and Monkey bread. The monkey bread is our birthday cake for Jesus, so we sang Happy Birthday before eating. We played around our house after breakfast for a bit and then piled in the car (still in pj's) and went to the Hannon's to exchange gifts and eat a light lunch with John's whole family. It was super laid back. We had fun seeing all their new toys (lots of electronics!) and hanging out with all of them. We are thankful they live so close and that it is easy to see each other.

It was a great Christmas holiday. We saw a lot of family and enjoyed the slowed down pace that the school year brings. I enjoyed not having to get everyone up and out of the house early in the morning. There were many days that we never took off our pj's and never left the house.

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