Tuesday, January 4

Christmas in Little Rock

We went to Little Rock the weekend before Christmas to celebrate with my family. My extended family gets together that weekend and since we are usually in LR for Christmas, we rarely get to go. It worked out great this year to be able to see some family that I haven't seen in years. Sadly, we did not get any pictures of that party. :(

On Sunday, we did Christmas with my parents and my sister's family. It was fun to all be together and exchange gifts. We all bought my Mom some adorable, personalized melamine plates for each of the girls to use at their house. My sister in law designed them and together we came up with the saying to go around the plate. I think they turned out super cute. Emma got two more DS games, a huge set of Legos and some money. Brooklyn got her fun TAG reader with three books and her beloved Tangled dress that she has barely taken off her body! I got a new coat that I have been wanting and money. John scored some iTunes cards and money. We got more than we need!

The girls and I stayed in LR until Tuesday, but John had to go back on Sunday. I wasn't feeling 100%, but we still had a good time. I took the girls to see the Tokar girls on Monday and they had a big time in the hot tub! Kate, Lindsay and I had coffee on Monday night. It was great to catch up with them.

On Tuesday, we had intentions to take Emma, Brooklyn, Claire and Andi to see Santa at the mall, but my sister got sick, so they could not come. My Mom and I took Em and B. I was still not feeling great, so we headed home from the mall.

It was a great visit!

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