Wednesday, January 5

Christmas Eve

John and I decided last year that we wanted to start staying at home for Christmas Eve and Christmas day. This meant starting our own traditions and figuring all of that out. This year, we had the Hannon's and Nana and GDad over to our house for Christmas Eve lunch. We all pitch in with food and it is always SO good! Since Sam has to be at church for most of the Christmas Eve services, we always eat an early lunch. The services got moved even earlier this year, so we decided to save presents for Christmas day so we were not rushed. We all went to church for the 3:00 family service. It is very casual and laid back. All the kids got glow sticks and the adults got candles.

After church, the four of us went home to decorate our sugar cookies that we had cut out the day before. We did this last year and had such a good time, we have made it a tradition! I had been in the kitchen for 2 days preparing food and had intentions of making tacos that night (voted on by the four of us), but when John suggested going to pick up tacos and cheese dip at our favorite Mexican restaurant I thought that was a great idea! John's parents joined us for tacos, cheese dip, margaritas, and cookies. It was easy and good. It gave me more time to enjoy being with everyone. John's parents left after dinner. The girls got ready for bed and prepared Santa's cookies and milk. We all read The Night Before Christmas and tucked both girls in Brooklyn's room for the night. Surprisingly, it didn't take much time for them to fall asleep together.


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