Tuesday, January 4

10th Annual Gingerbread Party

Our favorite holiday party every Christmas season is the Elleman's Gingerbread Party. It was all started 10 years ago when we were newlyweds with no kids. One year we attempted to bring our children to help decorate the houses, but quickly realized that was mass chaos and went back to adults only. The Elleman's are the ultimate hosts. We always have great food, drinks and prizes! The people there are not people that John and I see consistently throughout the year, but we like them a lot and always have a blast hanging out. The only rules for the party are you HAVE to wear pajamas and the house you build has to be edible.

Over the 10 years, we have seen all kinds of creativity. John and I always stay classic and we never win. SO, next year, we are going to ditch "classic" and do something crazy. The Thompson's were the most crazy this year and added a live mouse to their house.

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