Monday, August 16

Slug Bug Ride with Barbi

We have a friend from church that lives in the same neighborhood as John's sisters family and her name is Barbi. Brooklyn had met Barbi at Bible study last fall and was mesmerized by the fact that her name really was Barbi. On top of her name being Barbi, Brooklyn found out she drove a Slug Bug Convertible! To say Brooklyn was fascinated by this, is an understatement. She has been telling Emma about Barbi's convertible for months. Barbi had told me last fall that she would take us for a ride sometime, but our schedules just never matched up right. I finally was able to coordinate with her 2 weeks ago and we surprised the girls with a ride in her car! We told them we had a surprise for them and they had no idea until we got to her house and the car was in the driveway! We didn't want to move car seats into her car, so we cruised her neighborhood a few times (said hi to Aunt Mamy) and went to the neighborhood right across the street. The girls were beside themselves!

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