Tuesday, August 17

Summer Crafts

I love crafts! I feel like we did not craft as much this summer as we normally do and I'm not exactly sure why. It might be because I now have two kids that don't necessarily always need a nap, so we would head to the pool mid morning and not come home until the afternoon. Who knows? Here are two crafts that we did have fun with!

I bought a fiberboard "E" and a "B" earlier this summer at Hobby Lobby. I let the girls tear/cut pictures out of old magazines and catalogs and then Modge Podge them to their letters. I think they turned out pretty cute. Emma did hers all herself and all I really did for Brooklyn was help her cut.

I bought some Food Coloring Markers while John and I were on our trip because I knew the girls would love playing with them! I was right. They made marshmallow men and decorated them with the markers and used toothpicks to stick them all together. You can also use these markers on cookies (they have really cute ones you can buy and are like a coloring book), tortillas, bagels, etc.....

We utilized our library this summer like never before. We went almost every week to story/craft time and checked out MANY new books each time. It was fun. Emma and Brooklyn got rewards (a free book at each place) from the library and from Barnes and Noble (just Em at BN) for completing their reading page. Emma read all six books of Ivy and Bean and is anxiously awaiting the 7th book out in September. She even illustrated a few pages for me!

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Sydney said...

You are such a crafty mom! And that E has totally got your handwriting gift- such great print for a 1st grader!