Monday, August 16

A Celebration Worth Celebrating!

We have had a great summer and have been able to do so many fun things as a family, but there was one night this summer that will forever be celebrated by our family. On Saturday, July 31, 2010 Emma asked Jesus to come into her heart! We have always known that she believes in God and that Jesus was sent from God to die on the cross, but she never exactly made a decision to trust in that fact. John was actually out of town for the evening at a family wedding. We were unable to find a babysitter, so I stayed home with the girls while he went. Brooklyn was already asleep and I was putting Emma to bed. We read some books and she asked a few questions that lead me to share the bridge illustration with her and ask her a few questions. I shared a lot with her and she listened very intently. I told her to think about the things we talked about and feel free to ask us any questions she had. I sang her our nightly songs, prayed with her, gave her kisses and left the room. A few minutes later, she called me back in there and told me, "I do believe that God sent Jesus to die on the cross for my sins. I want him to always be in my heart and I want to live forever in heaven with Him." From that, we said a prayer together and gave lots of hugs! She could not get over the idea that Jesus and all the angels were having a huge party in heaven for her at that very moment! :)
I was sad that John was not there, but the Holy Spirit really prompted me to keep going with her questions. I called John immediatly and he was able to share the good news with his family at the wedding. She was so excited the next morning to tell John, Brooklyn, and everyone we saw at church! We called my family that afternoon to tell them. It was a great celebration and we are so very proud of her. We celebrated more on Sunday night by making cupcakes together and having a family night at home!

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