Tuesday, August 3

Emma and Brooklyn's Week in Little Rock

While John and I were on vacation in Monterey, Emma and Brooklyn were in Little Rock with my parents. It was also the week of Vacation Bible School at my parents church, so the girls got to go there each morning from 9-12. We planned our trip this week thinking it would be fun for the girls to get to do VBS in the morning and it would give my Mom a little break too. The girls had a great time, but I think my Mom learned that it might be easier to keep them a week when they didn't have to be up, ready and out of the house by 8:45 everyday.

The girls did all kinds of fun things that week with GG and PaPa! Most importantly, they all got to hang out with my sister and Claire a lot. I was a little sad to be missing their sweet cousin time! We don't seem to get enough time with them. Emma and Brooklyn spent the night at my sister's one night. She attempted to get them all asleep in Claire's room, but she ended up having to separate them. :)
My Mom bought pizzas for them to make one night and they made ribbon flip flops (or I should say GG and Zia made flip flops) another day. My Dad took off work early one afternoon and treated Emma and Brooklyn to the Discovery Museum downtown. Emma has been asking my Mom for a pumpkin pie for about 6 months now, so the two of them did that too.

Emma and Brooklyn had such a great time and I know made many memories! It makes me smile to think of them spending time at their grandparents during the summer, like I did with mine growing up.

We got home on Thursday night, so we were able to go to their VBS Celebration on Friday night. They provided dinner and then each class performed a little song. We also were able to get our traditional picture with Cooper, the VBS mascot at Immanuel. He's pretty famous with my girls. :)

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