Tuesday, August 3

Monterey-Part 3

Wednesday, July 14-Wednesday was a low key day. John decided he really wanted to go on the Whale Watching boat ride and I decided I really didn't want to take the chance of getting sick on our last day of vacation. We had done a "Dolphin Evening Cruise" one time while we were in Destin and I did not do well on it. I opted for John's suggestion of going to get a massage at the Spa down the street from our hotel instead. Good choice on my part! I went early to enjoy their rooftop spa and laid out alone, with my book and some yummy strawberry water. Then I got an hour long massage that seemed to pass by way to quickly. I laid out a little more, picked up some lunch and went to meet back up with John. John loved the "Whale Watching" and saw A LOT of whales. He did not get sick, but very well could have since he was on the edge of a boat, looking through his camera lens for 3 hours straight. It was a great experience for him and I'm really glad he got to do it and that they were successful finding the whales.
When we met back up, we returned our bikes and then walked to the Ghiradeli Cafe for an afternoon sweet treat! We went back to our hotel and finally decided we were going to drive Big Sur again and go back to Pfiefer State Park and hike to the waterfall that we didn't do the first time. It was a sunny day, so the drive was even better than the first time when it was cloudy out. We stopped at a few places again for John to snap a sunny day picture. We hiked to the waterfall and it was pretty, but it was a very uphill hike and we were not mentally prepared for that. We were both ready for it to be done at the end. :) We headed back to Monterey to eat dinner. We got a little side tracked along the way when we ran into the back of another car at a stop light. They, too, were heading towards Monterey and we were only about 8 minutes away. Our rental car had very sensitive brakes and accelerator and when the light turned green (we were also on a hill) John pushed the gas a little to hard. The people were really nice (they were also in a rental car) and so was the cop. We did do some damage to their poor little car, but our rental stayed pretty clean. Luckily, we had opted for the daily insurance coverage so we didn't pay a dime. When we finally made it to our hotel, it was almost 8 and we were starving. We walked to a Mexican restaurant in town called El Torito and it was excellent. We split tableside guac and fajitas. We also had AWESOME blackberry margaritas! I would never order something with blackberries, but after I tried John's I got one too. Yum. It was late when we finished, so we headed back to our hotel and started packing up.
We left our hotel early the next morning to drive to San Jose to catch our flight home. It was an amazing trip and one we will always remember. I am so thankful that we were able to make it happen and that my sweet parents were able to have the girls for the week. By the time we got home, the girls were asleep, but I loved kissing their little faces when we got there. I have never been so thrilled to see our sweet girls the next morning, even if it was 6:30AM (4:30AM our body clock)!

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