Friday, June 11

Silver Dollar City

Part 2 of our Memorial Day weekend was spent in Branson. After resting on Sunday from our camp out on Saturday night, we packed up for a quick over night trip to Branson. We got into town at dinner time and ate at a quaint little Mexican Place called Casa Fuentas. It was really, really good. One of the best Margaritas I have had. We went to John's parents condo and settled in. Since both girls napped that day (that never happens!) we headed to the pool for an evening swim. It was the first time in the pool this year for the girls and they had a blast! At about 7:45, we got in the car and headed to Cakes n' Cream for a treat. (because we love to give our girls lots of sugar before putting them to bed! ) The girls both got ice cream, I got a yummy piece of coconut pie and John got a sinful funnel cake, which is what they are known for. We got back to the condo and got the girls in bed by 10 and we both went to bed soon after.

We got up on Monday morning and went to Silver Dollar City. Our friends, the Eoff's, met us out there and we spent the day together. They left Elijah with Mandy's Mom, so it was Jordan and John and a bunch of girls! We had a lot of fun riding rides with the kids and watching them play. It was a HOT day, but the crowd was down (I'm assuming they were all leaving town), so it made it tolerable. We stayed until about 3:00 and then headed back home to Springdale. Emma had school the next day, so we got home in time for her to get cleaned up and in bed at a decent hour. Memorial Day weekend was a great start to the summer!!!!!!!

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