Thursday, June 10

10 Years Ago Today.......

10 years ago today, I made a really great decision to get married to a great guy! It was such a fun day and one that we both wish we could repeat. Looking back on our day, there are only 2-3 things I would change about the whole day.
#1 is pretty obvious from the post. None of our pictures are digital (which I'm not sure any photographer used digital at that point. we need to scan ours in. this picture was taken on my phone of a picture we have) and most are very posed. This picture is my favorite because it is the most natural of our pictures.
#2 is my bridesmaids dresses. My poor sweet friends wore 3/4 length sleeve sweater sets in the middle of June. HOT!
#3 is that I wish I could have slowed down and taken the day in more than I did.

There were so many great things about June 10, 2000. I loved those first sweet moments with John before we took pictures. Just the two of us in a huge sanctuary, ready to get married so very badly. I LOVED my flowers and probably would pick the same ones again. I loved our invitation. I now work for the wedding queen and believe that I would pick the same invitation all over again. The girls singing in our wedding were awesome! I had tears before I ever walked out because Leah sang Amazing Grace accapella. John sang to me and it was so sweet. (and so brave! I never could have done it) I loved walking out to the trumpet and seeing so many faces that mean so much to me. I will never forget sweet Gracie as our flower girl. I can't believe she is now 14 and babysitting our children. She spent the majority of the service licking my sisters hand and inching her way closer to her Daddy, who was marrying us. I loved being pronounced husband and wife and walking up the aisle together. The food was great. The drive to Memphis was funny. The hotel in Memphis was shady. The liquor store in Memphis was downright SCARY. The honeymoon was rainy. But fun :). As I reminisce about "our day", the thing we talk about the most is how fun it was to have
(almost) everyone we care about all in one room celebrating with us. You could have taken all the other "fun" stuff away and that would have been enough. It was a perfect day.

We celebrated on Tuesday night by going to Bonefish Grill for dinner because tonight we had a Kellogg Family Event at Fast Lanes and our girls would have killed us if we didn't take them to that. We kept it a small celebration on Tuesday because we will be celebrating big in about a month when we go to Monterey, CA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! July was the best time for the girls to go to Little Rock, so we are going to have a belated 10th anniversary celebration! We are so excited and grateful to GG and Papa for helping us with our girls.

The past 10 years have really been great. We started with just the two of us in a little apartment and grew into a family of 4 with a dog and a house. As John said today, there have been many changes in the past 10 years, but our love has remained the same. (insert AH....) Here is to many more happy decades to come!!


Jacqueline Presley said...

Thanks for sharing all of your thoughts about your wedding day! It reminds me of our day. December was 6 years for us. Remembering all the little details and the things that made you want to get married in the first place kinda renews the spark, doesn't it? : )

Sydney said...

Woohoo! Happy Anniversary!
Very sweet post, I love memory lane :)