Saturday, June 12

Last Day of School

Emma's last day of school was on Monday, June 7! All of the snow days made us go a week past Memorial Day, when they normally get out. Emma's school had a Field Day on the last day. Sadly, it rained quite a bit that morning, so it forced most of their games inside. Each kindergarten teacher came up with a game and the classes rotated through each class. Ms. Norris had Duck Duck Goose in her room, so that is where I was. The other classes had games such as musical chairs, heads up seven up, and bubbles. Once they had rotated through the sun was starting to come out and they got to go outside for Popsicle and to play on the playground. They came back in for a drink and Ms. Norris read them one last book in her classroom.

I won't say it again because I have said it a million times, but it was a great year! Challenging at times, but a good year. I won't lie, I'm glad for a break and excited for summer to be here!!!

Sadly, I forgot my camera and only had my phone. The pictures are not great, but I'm hoping for some better copies from another Mom.

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