Sunday, June 13

First Day of Summer Break

I wanted to make the first day of Emma's summer break special, so on Tuesday, June 8th, we had a "girls day". All of the Malco theaters are doing their $2 summer movies on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, so that was our first stop. The Fayetteville theater was showing Charlotte's Web, one of our favorites. So, for a total of $12, we all watched a movie and each had our own popcorn, drink and candy. For that cheap, I didn't even make them share. That was a treat within itself!

After the movie, I took them for their first pedicure! They both love having their toes painted at home, but I didn't know what they would think of the whole pedicure experience. This place has 2 kid chairs where they get a soak for their feet, a foot massage and scrub, and toes and fingers painted all while watching a DVD! I was one seat away from them getting my toes done and it was so fun watching them. They LOVED it. About half way through, I wondered to myself what I had gotten myself into. They are way to young to begin asking for pedicures! :) Emma chose yellow for her fingers and toes. Brooklyn chose purple. The added bonus was the "fireworks" (as Brooklyn called them) that the ladies painted on all their fingers and their big toes. They did great! It was a super fun, girlie day!!

Brooklyn's comments about the "fireworks" on her fingers cracked me up. This comment was even better. The ladies doing their toes were Asian and spoke Chinese (I think). Brooklyn's lady talked to her a lot. Brooklyn looked down at me and said, "Mom! I like the way they talk to me!" It was hilarious. She has been on a role with funny comments and observations. Some of which I have wanted to crawl under a rock and die. That will be my next post!


Sydney said...

oh my- super cute and fun!
I love all the blog updates!

Bader said...

This is my favorite place to get a pedicure. But you are brave taking your girls! It sounded like a great fun day.