Monday, June 14

Brooklynisms Age 3 1/2

Brooklyn's little voice is one of the more precious sounds in this world. The way she says certain things cracks us up and her observations are hilarious. And sometimes embarrassing! A few of my favorite things right now are when she says Ganket or Gankie for her blanket. When something is plural it always has an "es" on the end. For example, "I love my toyes" instead of just toys.

I have already mentioned the funny things she mentioned while getting her toes done. She still talks about those fireworks on her "toeses". Another funny thing that has kept me smiling all week is her observation about Belle. Belle just had surgery 2 weeks ago and had her ACL repaired. The doctor had to shave her entire back leg for the surgery. I was not prepared for her shaved leg and the girls surely were not. When you have a very black dog and one leg is shaved, it is alarming because the shaved leg is WHITE. One of Brooklyn's first comments was, "When is Belle going to get her feathers back?" HA!
Last Friday, I took Belle to the vet to have her stitches taken out. I dropped the girls off with my sister in law before I went and I told the girls that I was going to take Belle to get her stitches out and I would be right back. Brooklyn said, "Mom, will you please tell them to give Belle her feathers back!" She has continued to talk about those feathers and I have failed to correct her because it is so cute. I finally told her that Belle has fur and not feathers. I'm not sure she was convinced. :)

On a more embarrassing note, she is becoming more observant of people. Don't let that sweet, innocent face above fool you. She is not all innocent. While checking out at Walmart last week, I found her looking really hard at our checker. The sweet girl had very thick glasses that enlarged her eyes a good amount. Brooklyn looked at me and said, "Mom, she has crazy eyes." I gave her the "look" of please be quiet and don't ever say something like that. I don't think the girl heard, but I wanted to die.
2 days later, we went to the mall to try to find Emma a swim suit. While in Gap Kids, this larger lady was helping me find a size. She was in front of us walking back to the counter and Brooklyn said, "She has a big bottom." Wanted to crawl in a hole and never come out. Emma took over and said very loudly, "Brooklyn, that is not nice. Don't say that." At that point, I wasn't sure the lady heard her, so I just wanted Emma to drop the whole thing. So, it was dropped until we got out of the store and I could explain to B that we don't say those kinds of things. Oh, the joy of a 3 1/2 year old. :)

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