Friday, June 25

The First Loose Tooth is Gone

Emma discovered about 2 months ago that she had a loose tooth. She has wiggled it and asked a million times when it would come out. Last week, the tooth seemed significantly looser and I could vividly see the big tooth coming in right behind it. We went to Little Rock last weekend for family pictures and to celebrate Father's Day. Emma asked my Mom to look at her tooth, so my Mom gladly wiggled it. There was no doubt it would come out at any moment. It could practically lay flat. On Sunday night, my Mom worked on getting it out, but it just wasn't going to happen without hurting Emma. Right before we left on Monday afternoon, Emma asked her to try one more time. After about 15 minutes, it came out!!! I have never seen such a happy smile from Emma. And from my Mom, for that matter. Brooklyn was crying. We are not sure why. Either she wanted some attention back on her or she was really bothered by the tooth coming out and the small amount of blood on the kleenex. We took pictures and then got on the road to come back home. We spent the next 30 minutes calling Daddy, Nana and GDad, PaPa, Zia, Amy and the kids, Sam (who was out of town), etc....It was an exciting day!

The tooth fairy made an appearance that night. She surprised Emma with 10, $1 bills. John and I assured her that we were almost positive that she got that much because it was her first tooth and that she should not expect that much money the next time around. :) The fairy wrote her a little note too and explained the little box that the tooth fairy left her tooth in. We went to Target later that day and she picked out 2 new Littlest Pet Shops. She graciously let Brooklyn play with one of them.

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Sydney said...

Ummm... is it weird that I am crying about this? And she isn't even mine? I am so not ready for teeth to come back out- they just came in!