Sunday, June 6

Memorial Day Weekend Camp Out

John and I have been wanting to try camping with the girls, so we decided that we would give it a shot in our backyard before we ventured into the wild. We invited the Elleman's to camp with us, but they then asked us if we could come to their house instead so sweet Layton could sleep in her bed.

The Elleman's yard is a little more camp friendly, so we gladly accepted! We cooked out hamburgers and hot dogs for dinner. The kids ran wild, jumped on the trampoline, watered the sidewalk (Carley and Brooklyn), and played corn hole (Emma and Davis). Layton crawled around begging for food and being as cute as can be. :) Faye and Belle (the dogs) had the time of their lives running together. Belle was ecstatic to not have a fence and she did great staying near us.

As it got darker, Aaron fired up our camp fire and we roasted smores and opened up the glow sticks that Allyn purchased for the kids. It was a good time! Around 10:15, we got everyone into tents. Allyn slept inside with Layton. Aaron was in one tent with Davis and Carley. John and I were in the other tent with Em and B. Everyone was asleep by 11 except for me. I, literally, stared at the ceiling for 2 1/2 hours before I decided to just give up and go inside. My mind must have been going strong because I could not even sleep inside on the couch. The Elleman's were up by 6:30, Emma up at 7 and Brooklyn and John stumbled inside around 7:30. We ate some powdered donuts and said our goodbyes. By noon it was obvious both of our girls needed naps. Luckily, they both did fall asleep and had plenty of energy for our trip to Branson that afternoon. More to come on that......

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