Wednesday, May 12

Mother's Day

I love Mother's Day and this year my entire weekend was full of fun! My Mom and Dad came on Thursday to watch Emma play softball, so our weekend started early. My Mom, Brooklyn and I went to the Botanical Gardens on Friday morning. Our gardens opened a few years ago and my Mom had never been. We had a great time exploring the different paths and smelling all the flowers.

On Friday night, we served at Laundry Love and took my parents along with us. The girls did great although they were tired and Emma was especially ready to go home and get to bed after a long week at school. It is amazing what you can learn about your children's personalities when you serve those with less than you. I will have to blog about that at some point!

On Saturday morning, we had a big brunch at our house. I made egg casserole, fruit salad and cinnamon rolls. Yum! I invited my Mom up this weekend because I really wanted to take her on Fayetteville's Historic Home Tour. Washington Elementary does it every year on Mother's Day weekend as a fundraiser. I went two years ago and could not wait to go again! We left my Dad and John in charge of the girls and spent about 5 hours touring some really cool homes. My parents drove back on Saturday evening, so they could spend the second half of Mother's Day weekend with my sister and her family. I loved having my Mom here for Mother's Day. We love so much of the same things, so it was fun to look at homes that we both have much admiration for. She is a great Mom and such an example for me in how she took care of us growing up and how she loves my Dad.

Our family of four woke up on Sunday morning and got ready for church as usual. We heated up our many leftovers from brunch the day before and I got to open my presents. They got me the new James Dobson book, Bringing Up Girls. I am very ready to start reading it. I had also asked (and have wanted for a while)for the Live Butterfly Garden to do with the girls. I love butterflies and I can't wait to start it. It should arrive soon! My most favorite gift was the card that Emma made me. The picture is below and it is so cute. It is hard to read, but it says, "She makes dinner. She looks like me. She loves me. I love my Queen Mommy." I could get used to being Queen Mommy! :)
I asked John to get a few pictures before church. It was pretty chilly outside, so we stayed inside for pictures. I love these two girls. I looked at them all day in amazement and thankfulness. I can't believe that God entrusted us with them. Such blessings.

I was craving grilled shrimp and was ready to get the Red Lobster gift card out of my wallet (we've had it for 2 years), so we headed there for a yummy dinner.

Although, we were not able to be with John's Mom for Mother's Day, she was not forgotten. I was blessed with a great MOther in Law who accepts me as one of her own and who loves our girls so very much. I will forever be thankful for her because she shaped John into who he is today. She did a great job!


Sydney said...

Sounds like a BEAUTIFUL weekend! I am loving Emma's card and the picture of you is HOT!

kate said...

:) So sweet! tears to my eyes! Sounds like a GREAT weekend! i am sorry we didn't get to see you! that was a crazy 21 hours in Fayetteville! I will call you soon. A has her ultrasound tomorrow and eye appt. on Fri. morning. Hopefully we don't have to wait forever for those things!! Miss you! Happy Mother's Day! Oh, our girls asked the other day of yall were coming to the beach with us. I told them not this year. And they both said, "why?" like it is easy to go to the beach! I reminded them yall are going to Disney. They settled for that, but said, "Ok, we'll all go next year!"

Anonymous said...

Started looking at all the pics sooner later I was like wait a minute john's not in them then I was like oh yeah he's taking the pic you guys are gonna have to rotate that out sometime to where john is not taking the pic so he can be in it.