Monday, April 12

Spring Break 2010

Finally, time to catch up on a few blogs. I will start with Spring Break and begin working myself forward to the present. I hate being behind. :(

This was our first official spring break. All the years before, spring break seemed like just another week, but with no Mother's Day Out. This year, this Mom needed spring break. I was ready to not have to hustle around the house each morning to get Emma ready for school, I was ready to have BOTH of my girls home all day for a week, and I was ready to travel to LR to see my family.

When Emma got out of school on Friday, we got ice cream at Braums and then grabbed bikes and went to a local trail to let Emma practice her bike riding skills. It was a beautiful day, sunny and around 70.

The next day, it got cold quick!! I went into the mall to buy Emma a bathing suit and came out to freezing temperatures and snow starting to fall. By Sunday night, we had about 12" of snow. Gotta love Arkansas weather!

On Monday, we spent the day at home relaxing and playing. On Tuesday, we headed over to the Jones Center because they were having some fun spring break activities. We met the Elleman's there and ran into the Robinson's in the parking lot. They had blow ups to play on, PBS characters and crafts. We saw the Super Why characters, but they were going on break, so we didn't get their picture. The kids jumped in for their pictures with Clifford and one of the dinosaurs from Dinosaur Train.

I had made the girls a deal a while back that if they went through their stuffed animals (they are taking over our house!) and choose the ones they didn't want, then they could sell them in our garage sale and they could keep the money. Well, I don't see the garage sale in our future anytime soon, but I need these animals out. I told the girls I would buy them from them and then we would take them to Salvation Army. They could use the money to buy something. They wanted to go to Build a Bear (which defeats the purpose of getting rid of stuffed animals although these are nicer than the claw machine animals that they got rid of!) and I had a few coupons to help them out. Here they are with their animals!

On Wednesday, we packed up and headed to Little Rock to see my family. It is hard for us to get down there now that Emma is in school, so it was a treat. We had beautiful weather, so we were able to play outside a lot. It was so fun to watch Claire, Brooklyn and Emma play together. Sweet cousins!

It was a little rainy on Thursday, so we went to a local church to play on their indoor playground. The girls loved it.

John drove down on Thursday night and on Friday morning, the whole fam drove to Hot Springs to walk through Garvin Gardens. It was amazing. There were over 100,000 tulips in bloom along with many other things. We got to see the beautiful chapel that is on the grounds there. My Dad's company built the chapel a few years ago, so we had been over to see it then, but it never gets old to look at it. The craftsmanship is amazing! John took some amazing pictures of it!
We went to eat lunch in Hot Springs and then all parted ways. My parents went to do some stuff in Hot Springs, my sister and her family headed home and we went downtown to stroll for a bit. We took the girls to get ice cream, look in the toy store, and walk up by all the springs. It was a fun day!

On Saturday, we got up and headed to the LR Zoo. It was a beautiful day and a lot of the animals were out and about. The otters were really fun and I loved seeing the Mama monkey and baby. We ate some lunch at Arkansas Burger and then headed back to NWA. We ended spring break with a relaxing Sunday morning at home. It was a great week and a good break to get us to the end of the school year. I can't wait for summer. I love having both my girls home!

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