Thursday, April 15

Emma is playing softball......

Emma started softball practice last week and is loving it. She is on a team with a few girls that she knows. Her good friend, Katherine, got her interested and her Dad is coaching the team. She missed last nights practice due to Brooklyn having the stomach bug and Emma coming home from Art with a fever virus. We are all at home today and trying to get better! Games start in a few weeks. It should be fun!

This is Emma at home practicing batting. She hits it pretty darn good for never doing it before!

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kate said...

That's fun! Can you come here and pick Olivia up so she can be on the team too? I can't seem to add another activity! We are still making up gymnastics- we now go 4 times a week and once to Olivia's dance. And for the next two weeks we have an additional practice for Mayfest! Ugh! That looks so fun though. I don't want Olivia to miss out then want to play when she's older and not have a clue how. Oh well, guess you can't do everything! Miss you and hope you are all feeling better!