Saturday, March 20


Brooklyn has been saying the funniest things lately. I know I won't remember them in years to come, so I must write them down!

A few weeks ago, Brooklyn and I stayed at home and cleaned the house. She helped take all the animals off their beds for me and then I changed their sheets. She also wiped down some door knobs and dusted her kitchen. She worked hard! I told her when we were finished and wrapping things up to eat some lunch, "Brooklyn, thanks for helping me today. We worked really hard." She replied (insert very tired sigh), "I know. I feel like Cinderella."
She has a hard life. :)

I was helping Brooklyn go potty just the other morning and this was our conversation:
Brooklyn: Where does our potty go when we flush?
Me: Down into the ground.
Brooklyn: Like down to Satan?

I love 3 year olds and the things they say. Don't always love their behavior, but they sure are funny.

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Sincerely Yours Paper inc. said...

When I was babysitting her last Wednesday night, she was jumping around upstairs (and we had a girls' bible study going on downstairs.) And I said, "Hey B, let's not jump so hard." And she said cheerily, "I'm not! I'm hopping scotch!"