Saturday, February 20

My Valentines

I love Valentine's Day! Not sure why except that I love anything with a heart on it and my birthday is three days before, so it has always been a fun week for me with those two combined. This is the second year that John's parents have taken our girls and the three cousins for the weekend of Valentine's Day. It was such a treat!

We spent most of the weekend eating out and watching movies. John and I celebrated my birthday and Valentine's Day with Amy and Sam at Bonefish Grill on Friday night. YUMMO!!! I have been craving the Bang Bang Tacos that I got ever since! It is rare that we get to hang with Amy and Sam without all the kids, so that was a treat as well.
We spent Saturday working on some stuff around the house and running a few errands together. On Saturday night, we ate Italian food out at Noodles and saw Valentine's Day. It was a good flick and very funny!
John got up on Sunday morning to go take pictures at one of his favorite areas of Arkansas, which also happens to be near our spot to pick up the kiddos. He took care of all of that and I spent the morning getting ready for the week and going to the grocery store. I'm not going to lie. It was nice to have some quiet time at home alone on Sunday.

The kids had a great time! Nana and GDad took them to the park, cooked them yummy food and let them decorate Valentine cookies. Thank you so much Nana and GDad for loving our girls and giving us some time alone!
I thought this was a cute picture of all the cousins with GDad.

John and I had a great time together, but we were so ready to see these 2 little Valentine's on Sunday afternoon. They're the best and our house is not near as fun without them here. This picture of Brooklyn was taken before her Valentine party at school. It makes me smile!

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Sydney said...

One of the ONLY reasons I like Valentine's day is because I know how much YOU love it! What a wonderful weekend for your crew!