Sunday, February 28

Happy Birthday John!!!

Today is John's birthday and we have spent the whole weekend celebrating him!! John's parents were going to be in Branson this weekend, so they invited us to come up and spend some time with them and they also offered to keep the girls on Saturday night, so we could go out for John's birthday. We drove up on Saturday morning because Emma had her first Art Show on Friday night that we did not want to miss (blog to come on that!) and came back home this afternoon.

We drove up in time to eat lunch at Fudruckers! It is our favorite burger place and we eat there almost every time now since the one in Fayetteville closed down. Then we went up the street to Dixie Stampede stables and looked at all the horses. Sadly, I did not take any pictures. John and his parents went out to College of the Ozarks to take pictures that afternoon and I took the girls swimming at the indoor pool. They were so excited and had a great time! Check out John's photoblog for his cool pictures from the weekend!

John wanted to go to Joe's Crab Shack for some dinner, so we went to Branson Landing. Sadly, all the stores closed around 8:00, so when we finished dinner we couldn't shop like we had planned. John wanted to go to "the funnel cake" place for dessert and when we got there, it was closed for the season. Sad :(. John chose Krispy Kreme instead, so we had a late night donut, then headed home to watch a movie.

John and his Dad got up early to go take more pictures this morning. When he got back, we ate GDad's famous cheesy eggs and headed back to the pool! Daddy came this time, which is always more fun! We packed up after that and headed home around 1:00. The girls were dying to give John his birthday present, so they took him outside while I got it ready. We surprised him with Rock Band 2 for the xbox and I'm pretty sure the girls were as excited as John was to get it. Kuddos to the girls because they knew about Rock Band and never let the surprise slip to John.

I got busy making John's birthday cake when we got home. His favorite cake is boxed yellow cake with chocolate icing. My friend, Elizabeth, introduced us to poked holes in the cake with the icing over the top many years ago and now John won't allow me to just spread the icing on anymore. The holes help the icing drizzle down into the cake. Yummy. The cake is not pretty and it does kind of kill me not to make him a pretty double decker cake for his birthday, but this is exactly what he wants every year! We are about to go end his special day by eating at Catfish Hole! The diet will resume tomorrow! :) Happy 33rd Birthday John!!! You have finally caught up with me.


Anonymous said...

You will have to fix the Chocolate one for john whenever I'm there sometime so I can try it with the holes in them sounds good.


kate said...

Allison, that was so sweet! You are a great wife! It sounds like he had an awesome weekend! Looking forward to seeing you! We are at least almost to the same month that we will see y'all! So glad John had a very happy birthday!

John Nelson said...

Thanks for such a fun birthday, Allison! You're the best!